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Lois FordACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards 2011

Congratulations to all of the 2011 winners, commendation recipients and finalists for this year's ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards.

A special congratulation to the ACT Cricket Association, the overall winner and recipient of the Chief Minister's Award for Excellence as well as the category winner for 'Inclusion in Sport'.

Yours sincerely,
Lois Ford

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ACT Cricket Gives Disability a Sporting Chance - November 2011

The ACT Cricket Association was awarded the prestigious 2011 ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Award of Excellence at the National Gallery of Australia.

These annal Awards are a public acknowledgement of the achievements of business, government, organisations and individuals in the ACT who have shown a clear commitment to include people with a disability.

ACT Cricket was among ten winners who each demonstrated a willingness to 'go the extra mile' for people with disability in their daily operations. The Association was recognised for its long standing commitment to inclusion through specific initiatives to engage people with disabilities in one of Australia's best loved sports.

Its initiatives included the development of the All Abilities in2cricket; The Lord Taverners Table Cricket Championship; a Special Olympics Cricket program and a Disability Multi Sport Day.

In a message from the ACT Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, congratulated all award nominees and thanked sponsors for their leadership and commitment to the event.

"We all want to live in a strong and welcoming community, Ms Gallagher said.

"One of the most effective and rewarding ways each of us can help build such a community is to be serious about inclusion. Congratulations to every one of this year's nominees. The difference you make in the lives of individuals is truly profound".

Around 300 people attended the gala awards presentation at NGA's Gandel Hall. The evening featured a special guest performance by world renowned pianist David Helfgott.

Local media identity Virginia Haussegger officiated as the Master of Ceremonies and Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes delivered an inspirational address.

2011 ACT Chief Minister's Inclusion Awards - Results

Chief Ministers Award for Excellence   (Overall Winner)  - Winner: ACT Cricket Association

Inclusion in Small Business - Winner: IGA Spence / Medius Ventures

Inclusion in Medium to Large Business - Winner: Coles at Curtin

Inclusion in an ACT Government or Agency - Winner: ACT Health Directorate 

Commendation: CIT Fit and Well Gym at Bruce Campus

Inclusion in a Commonwealth Government  - Winner: FAHCSIA Pilot Traineeship

Inclusion in Education and Training - Winner: Merici College

Inclusion in Sports - Winner: ACT Cricket Association

Inclusion in the Arts - Winner: Canberra Dance Theatre

Commendation: Belconnen Arts Centre

Inclusion in Hospitality and Tourism - Winner: Canberra Labor Club

Innovation in Inclusion - Winner: Scooters Australia

The Margaret Spalding Award (Individual Award) - Winner: Sue DeRooy (Westfield Woden)

Commendation: Michael Malyszko

The Judges Special Award - Winner: Philip Glyde    (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)

Judges' Comments

Chief Minister's Award for Excellence in Inclusion

ACT Cricket Association

The ACT Cricket Association is the winner of this year's Chief Minister's Award for Excellence in Inclusion.

ACT Cricket has gone the extra mile to support inclusion and has initiated at least four distinct efforts to engage people with disabilities in the sport of cricket. These include All Abilities in2cricket; The Lord Taverners Table Cricket Championship; a Special Olympics Cricket Program; and a Disability Multi Sport Day.

The Judges felt that the ACT Cricket Association was making an exceptional all round effort to build inclusion within the sport for people in the ACT.

Inclusion in Small Business

IGA Spence / Medius Ventures

IGA Spence and Medius Ventures have partnered to provide meaningful, sustainable, and gainful employment for people with mental health issues at risk of significant disadvantage in the labour market. With the support of the ACT Social Enterprise Hub, this innovative program means that Spence IGA now fulfils at least 50% of its staffing needs by employing people who are living with psycho-social disabilities. The IGA has become a showcase for the benefits and rewards that can be gained from employing people with disabilities in businesses of all sizes in partnership with an employment venture.

Inclusion in Medium - Large Business

Coles at Curtin ACT

Coles at Curtin began employing people with a disability 20 years ago. At present the business employee's six people with disabilities, the management ensures all staff have opportunities for skill development and job advancement. Coles at Curtin employment culture extends to ensuring customers with disabilities have access to all services in an appropriate and respectful environment.

Inclusion in ACT Government or Agency

ACT Health Directorate

The ACT Health Directorate and the Canberra Hospital continues to expand and develop inclusive work practices within their operations.  Successful employment of people with disabilities within the Canberra Hospital Mailroom has improved awareness of the benefits of employing a person with a disability in other areas as well.  This work is helping to realise the supports offered by the ACT Public Service Employment Framework for People with a Disability which provides managers with knowledge and information about the resources available to support workplace diversity across ACT Health. This includes information about different types of disabilities, simple solutions to the possibilities of workplace modifications and any on-going support that staff may require.

Inclusion in a Commonwealth Government Department or Agency

FAHCSIA Pilot Traineeship

FaHCSIA implemented a pilot traineeship for five people with an intellectual disability. This initiative was the first of its kind in the Australian Public Service, and FaHCSIA implemented this program as part of its commitment to achieve all the objectives from the Australian Public Service, Management Advisory Committee Report. To date five trainees successfully graduated from the program, with all trainees placed in ongoing positions within FaHCSIA on completion of the program.

All trainees were all supported by mentors who were specifically trained in mentoring people with an intellectual disability.

This traineeship program has meant that:
- more people with an intellectual disability have an employment opportunity;
- a trial program has now been run on which future employment opportunities within FaHCSIA and the APS can be based;
- positive experiences of disability to work area managers and employees have been provided; and
- the benefits of employing people with a disability have been promoted to a segment of the public sector and there is an ability to extend and grow this program.

Inclusion in Education and Training

Merici College

Merici College initiated a dynamic and effective relationship development initiative in alignment with Black Mountain School. This program continued throughout 2010 and 2011, with over 40 students visiting BMS building relationship with the students of that school. This initiative has successfully assisted the development of the school pathways including opportunities to extend their learning beyond school and or to form post-school relationships.

Inclusion in Sports

ACT Cricket Association

The ACT Cricket Association is the organisation responsible for coordinating and delivering cricket opportunities for the ACT and surrounds NSW regions. Since its inception in 1922, the ACT Cricket Association has offered a wide range of opportunities to support and participate in all forms of cricket through its two departments of High Performance and Game Development.

The ACT Cricket Association is committed to providing every avenue for anyone of any background to participate in the great game of cricket with the aim to be the ACT's favourite summer sport and the sport of choice.

ACT Cricket has gone the extra mile to support inclusion and has initiated a number of distinct efforts to engage people with disabilities in the sport of cricket. These include All Abilities in2cricket; The Lord Taverners Table Cricket Championship; a Special Olympics Cricket Program; and a Disability Multi Sport Day

Inclusion in Arts

Canberra Dance Theatre

The Canberra Dance Theatre has provided an exceptional and wide range of dance and artistic programs providing accessible and inclusive participation where otherwise no suitable options exist. Participants of this program have gone on perform in public mainstream dance theatre, including solo performances.

Through these programs all participates have formed new and valuable social networks and friendships, gained performance opportunities and experience, developed in their creative and artistic life and created a skills based foundation for further development and participation in dance.

Inclusion in Hospitality Business

Canberra Labor Club

The Canberra Labor Club ensures the facilities are completely accessible to all customers and to all employees including people with disabilities. The Canberra Labor Club has demonstrated a consistent and long term commitment to including people with disabilities in the workforce, providing vital support and assistance on an individual basis to ensure equal access to both all aspects of employment and cultural inclusion.

The Canberra Labor Club has made an effort across a range of domains including service access, philanthropy and employment.

Innovation in Inclusion

Scooters Australia

Scooters Australia raise the bar on innovative customer service, ensuring that people with disabilities who have need of their mobility products receive quality and committed pre-purchase and post purchase service and support. Their level of personalised service matches their motto: 'Expertise. Compassion. Dedication.'

Their service offer includes an innovative package of customer focused services including interest free finance, home based service and repair, recycling and safety training. Scooters Australia's customer base passionately promotes the quality and innovative services Scooters Australia provides.

The Margaret Spalding Award for an Individual

Sue DeRooy (Westfield Shopping Centre Woden)

Sue DeRooy is employed as a concierge at Westfield Shopping Centre Woden. Sue ensures shoppers and people who come to the Plaza are satisfied with the experience and provided comprehensive access to all facilities and services.

There are a number of groups of people with disabilities who visit the centre for recreation and shopping and Sue has gone above and beyond the usual services of a concierge to ensure they feel welcomed and can enjoy the centre. Sue's passion and complete commitment to assisting people with disabilities to feel confident about their access and use of all Centre facilities has made an impact on numerous customers with disabilities.

The Judges Special Award

Philip Glyde

Philip Glyde is an individual determined to improve access and inclusion of people with hearing disabilities or who identify as deaf in the course of his day to day activities and his work at the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. The Judges decided to present Philip Glyde an Award of Special Recognition for his personal commitment above and beyond the usual.


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* Canberra Labor Club

* Capital Community Housing

* Capital Football (Pat McCann)

* CIT Fit and Well Gym at Bruce Campus

* Coles at Curtin

* Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

* FAHCSIA Pilot Training Program

* FAHCSIA Property Group

* George Huiker, Radford College

* Karen Gilmore and DACT staff @ McBeath Group Home, Kambah

* 'Know Before You Go' Project (NICAN)

* IGA Spence / Medius

* Merici College

* Michael Malyszko

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* Scooters Australia

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* Southern Cross Early Childhood School

* Sue DeRooy - Westfield Woden

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