BLITS E-Newsletter November 22 2011

Lois FordNovember 22, 2011                       

A Disability Awareness Program 

Please find below important information about a new disability awareness program being developed by BLITS and Disability ACT to promote awareness throughout the Canberra community about people with disability and their capabilities and contributions, and to foster respect for their rights and dignity. 

The aim of the program is to positively influence attitudes and behaviours within the community by raising awareness amongst the next generation of decision-makers - ACT school students - who will be our future employers, service providers, business owners, advocates, policy makers, teachers, colleagues, neighbours and friends. 

This program is a significant ACT Government commitment under Future Directions: Towards Challenge 2014 which is the ACT's key disability policy to improve outcomes and opportunities for people with disability.

Please read on for more details.

Yours sincerely,

Lois Ford

Registration forms:

Everyone Everyday 'Ways to Change the World' PDF Registration Form   (expired)
Everyone Everyday 'Ways to Change the World' Word Doc Registration Form (expired)

Everyone Everyday Series

There are 3 elements that make up the awareness series:
1. Everyone Everyday Curriculum Resource
2. Everyone, Everyday - Ways to Change the World Workshop 
3. Everyone, Everyday Competition - 101 Actions to Include People with Disability

1. Everyone Everyday Curriculum Resource

A key element of the program is a curriculum resource for ACT teachers to raise student awareness about the inclusion of people with disability.  The resource will include a set of classroom activities that are evidence based and align with the new Australian Curriculum and the ACT Schools Curriculum Framework - Every Chance to Learn.

The curriculum resource will initially be developed and trialled with primary school teachers of students in years 3 to 5. We hope to trial the resource in Term 3, 2012.

Consultations on the Curriculum Resource 

We are currently finalising a discussion paper to guide consultations on the curriculum resource.  We expect to release the paper on the BLITS website at in December 2011. 

Details of consultation opportunities will be updated in the coming weeks.  If you would like to attend a workshop or make a submission, please contact us on the details below. 

2. Everyone, Everyday Ways to Change the World: Workshops

You're invited you to an exciting workshop presented by Nick Stanhope, the CEO of the international, not-for-profit organisation We Are What We Do. 

Join us for 1 of two sessions at the National Convention Centre on Friday 2nd December and learn how you can help change the world, one small step at a time. 

We Are What We Do inspires millions of people from around the world to do small, good things which help address social and environmental issues. The workshops will engage citizens from all walks of life to take action to include everyone in their workplace, business and community and will have a focus on being more inclusive of people with disability. 

Date:       Friday 2 December 2011
Times:     Two sessions to choose from:  9.30 am - 12.30 pm or 2.00 pm - 5.00 pm 
Venue:     National Convention Centre, Canberra.
               1st floor Fitzroy/ Derwent Room

RSVP: Friday 25 November to   or 6205 2122 or through our BLITS facebook page. 
Cost:   $30 
Please note: FREE tickets available for students, people with disability and their families and accompanying carers.

3. Everyone, Everyday Competition - 101 Actions to Include People with Disability

To celebrate International Day of Disability 2011 and raise awareness about the program, we are launching an ideas competition for ACT school students about what everyone can do everyday to include people with disability. 

We are seeking sponsorship of prizes for the Everyone Everyday Competition that are suitable for ACT school students and their teachers. 

Are you a business or community organisation who may be able to assist? Or perhaps you could forward this request to individuals or groups within your network?

We are seeking: 
• Fun prizes, just for the individual student
• Group prizes that students can share with their classmates as well as prizes for individual teachers
• Gifts of kindness for people with disability - for example, things that assist people with disability to socialise and engage in business, the sports and the arts.

The prizes will be given out in June 2012.  

If you can assist with sponsorship of a prize please contact Lisa McClelland at Disability ACT on ph: 6205 2122 or      e:


A Sunflower (flash) Mob! 

Friday 2 December
Garema Place
Chessboard Pit
Canberra City @ 1.15 pm

This event is being held to celebrate The International Day of People with Disability. We are aiming to create a giant sunflower of people. The purpose of this Sunflower (flash) Mob is to inspire everyone to think about the small things they can do to include people with disability in everyday life.  We also hope to raise awareness of the Everyone, Everyday Competition - 101 Actions to Include People with Disability being promoted to ACT school students.

Minister Joy Burch will be present to launch the competition to the media.

If you would like to participate in this event please RSVP by Wednesday 30 November to: Lisa McClelland at Disability ACT on ph: 6205 2122 or e:  

For more detailed information please go to our BLITS facebook.